Sydney, Australia

Top Sports Events tips…

06.09.17 - By Oliver

Here are our top tips to make the most of experiencing your favourite sports event abroad.

1. Book early: For more popular events like the F1 Grand Prix there will rarely be a last-minute deal. Don’t end up compromising and confirm your space and grandstand ticket early.

2. Be flexible: If you haven’t booked well in advance, having a little flexibility on your departure date or airport can really help ensure you get value for money and a great experience.

3. Create a priority list: What’s more important; location, or the facilities in the hotel? Prioritise your requirements, often a little compromise may be necessary when cities start to get booked up.

4. Will you go back? Will this be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you? If so, is it worth investing a little extra in the trip to get that perfect grandstand seat, or to enjoy the destination a little longer?